Thursday, September 29, 2011

Something Old Something New

After catching up on most of my deadlines - new ones approach.  Working on some ideas with digital prints and ice resin today.  This one entails recycled bottle caps that I filled with the resin and floated waxed linen, digital prints on beverage cans, beads, wire and some pieces of digitally printed printers plates.  At the present moment I am crocheting one of the layer bases with 22 gauge bronze wire (from Art Mechanique).  I have no real idea of where this is going, but I have been thinking about it all week and just need to dive in.  This represents what might be 2 layers of a multi textural piece in the works!

For the something old, I have the completed journal quilts as samples for a workshop I will be teaching at the Fuller Craft Museum September 2012.  Contact me for the date  a description.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ways to Use Corel Painter

Some of the email I receive asks about the different photo software programs on the market.  Now that I am using Corel Painter, I have been working to get up to speed.  Of course Painter is just that, a Painter Program, but with the Clone tool, their amazing brushes and many other features Corel makes it easy for users to work with their own photographs and turn them into beautiful paintings. You give the computer as little or as much control as you want using the clone source.  If you stay with the software for awhile you will develop your own style within the tools of Corel Painter.

Recently I had some conversations with Karen Sperling who has an amazing command of Corel Painter and combines it with Photoshop. There is a whole slew of information on Karen's website Artistry online.  Karen wrote the first Painter manual, so she has been working with painter for sometime.  She has lots of information on her website and has put together a new package "Painterrific " that she will give a 10% discount on, to my readers.  This means from now until September 30th,  you could get an extra 10% off on Karen' Painterrific.  It is already 10% off on her site, so you all would get an extra discount off the price reduction already listed on her site.  To get this special offer you need to contact Karen by September 30, and you would have to mention that Kathyanne told you about the offer.

If you go to this link - click here - then you scroll down to the end of the page, it tells what Karens Painterrific Debut is all about.  On this page you can also watch some of her videos as samples.  Her ebook, "Painting for Photographers" and several DVD's are included in Painterrific.  On the sidebar at the left top of the page you can look through information on Karen's expertise by going to the various links.

Email Karen Sperling for questions.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changing Plans

So here's one for you.  What do you do when your pup accompanies you on your wonderings all the time.  You sit down to make a little drawing of a tiny limb growing from the earth.  Since I have been working on my drawing skills, I like to draw something several times and go back to try it again.  Here is an illustration of having to change your plans because your pup decides to run over and eat your subject.
When she is focused, she's hard to distract:)