Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Digital Prints on Alternative Surfaces:Skins and Metal Mesh

My online workshop Digital Prints on Alternative Surfaces:Skins and Metal Mesh has been posted to  KathyAnne Art.  If you are a member of KathyAnne Art be sure to log in to be sure to get  your 20% discount on the workshop.

Using skins, creating texture with them, embedding other elements, using them in 3D compositions, these things appeal to me.  As long as the surface fits  through my printer, there are unlimited constructions ideas open to this alternative surface. In this workshop we will explore the basics, look at some of the ideas about building skins and learn how to print them successfully.

Metal mesh, the other subject of this workshop, creates an incredible surfaces. This surface will have the texture of the mesh as underlying interest.  Metal is an interesting surface to print. When the metal is a mesh it is pliable and alluring.  

Join me on this look at creating alternative surfaces with skins and metal mesh.  This workshop has a video that can be downloaded to your computer when you view it.  It also has a PDF Workbook that you can download, with pictures, descriptions, step by step for both skins and mesh, list of supplies and other thoughts and hints about these  
intriguing surfaces.  

Video access never expires, so as long as you keep the information on passwords and url of the video, you will be able to view it as long as you wish. Feel free to email me with questions at any time. 

Once you learn the techniques you will find what works for you, what you like or not and you can tailor make your surfaces to fit your work.  

The workshop workbook contains descriptions of the inkAID precoats, suitable for this process, along with other information on resourses.

Watch my youtube introduction video to view some of the printed surfaces.

You can also view the video on my Inside KathyAnne Art  blog

The cost of the workshop for non-members is $50.

Remember members get 20% off when they log in before they purchase the workshop.
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