Saturday, June 19, 2010

Changes in Printing Boxes for Photoshop CS5

Several of my online workshops will need updates since Adobe released CS5 last month. I will be adding addendum's to the workshops, but until that is in place, I thought I would give you a look at the new print boxes.
With a cursory explanation. This is for Photoshop CS 5.

When I select print - this box will open. I am printing with my 2400, so I chose that printer first.

My presets say last used settings. Since I can't remember what I printed last, I will want to review those settings in a minute.

My paper size is a custom size. I created this by using the paper size pull down menu, using manage custom sizes and entering the size of my print.

So before I choose save, I will go to layout in the presets pulldown menu to see if I want to use my last used settings again.

From this list, I pick print settings...

I chose the media type I will be printing and then under color settings I chose off no color adjustment. This is important, so my color will be correct from my photoshop file and the printer won' manage my color. I still want to make another change, so back to the list I used when I chose print settings. I choose extension settings

This is a thicker surface and I am using a carrier sheet, so I want to be sure my printer knows. I check the thick paper box.

Now if I want to use the same profile for my next print, it will save me having to make all the choices again when I use last used settings in the original box. Once I save my changes, I click save and get back to the print box.

As I get back to the print box, in the column on the right, I will make sure Photoshop manages my color and that I again choose my media type. Then I can click print.

More details on this later and also I will do show you this process with Photoshop Elements 8.

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