Friday, June 29, 2012

My Blog Hop Winners

Thanks to everyone who visited and commented on my blog during my part of the Sketchbook Blog Hop.  Remember it's still going on and all you have to do is go to Sue Bleiweiss's blog and see who is doing what next and what prizes are still up for grabs.  I chose randomly from all the entries from 3 blog posts the 2 here and the ones on Inside KathyAnne Art.  That was all due to technical difficulty on the morning of the 27th:) Tanks to all of you for hanging in there with the technical gliche.

I am happy to announce the Nancy won a years membership to KathyAnne Art and Jewels won the Alisa Golden book.  Congrats to both of you.  You'll get an email with details.

Thanks again for playing here.  Come visit any time!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop Take 2

For some reason my comments aren't working and I am not sure why.  My comments are working on  Until I can figure it out follow that link and leave me a comment.  I apologize for this and will keep working on this, but since all the settings are correct I am just not sure what is happening.  Read the blog post below for details on the Blog Hop!!

And another update.  Seems like the comments are working fine here so go ahead and leave one:)

For all of you who were trying to figure out how to comment to my actual blog hop post- it is working now.  Look below for a free workshop on KathyAnne Art and how to find the coupon code.


Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop

Hello, welcome to The Sketchbook Challenge Blog Hop.  If you make a comment on this blog you will be in the drawing for 2 different prizes.  Winners will be drawn by me on Friday the 29th.  Don't forget you have to make a comment for me to add your name to the qualifiers.

The prizes:

A one year membership to KathyAnne Art worth $35.00.   You will be able to access a new workshop every month as a member and all the monthly workshops that are already on the site.  Also the royalty free images are free to members.  You can visit my Inside KathyAnne Art blog to see workshop descriptions for the member free workshops -

Another prize is the book "Making Handmade Books: 100+Bindings, Structures & Forms by Alisa Golden given away by Art Plantae Today  a $19.95 value.

Now this one if for everyone.  I am giving a coupon for a workshop on my KathyAnne Art site-
Studio Journals Mini Workshop a $15.00 value.  All you have to do is hop on over to Digital Alternative Journaling site to my new post Building Journal Pages on my iPad to get the coupon code.  All the information on how to retrieve the code is in that blog post along with the word to put in the coupon code box in the cart on KathyAnne Art.  Simple as that.

Enjoy some pictures of my project from the book.

It was wonderful to be asked to participate in The Sketchbook Challenge book.  Since my work starts with digital images, all the textures and elements in my Forest Book 2 piece featured in the book are digitals on some type of alternative surfaces.  Elements is the chapter that my work is in.

In this image you can see a composition using digitally printed watercolor paper and encaustic on the right.  On the left the page is comprised of digital prints on recycled beverage cans strung on thin hemp and crocheted together before attaching it to the page.

The page on the right is digitally needlepoint canvas with digital prints on lutradur heat distressed and attached to the canvas.  The lutradur has been torn and layered with wire and beads and a border of beads runs around the lutradur composition.  On the left is a mixture of textured elements and a digital print on tyvek.  The tyvek is cut into small pieces and then melted to stack with wire and twigs.

 This part of the sketchbook contains the images and information from my photoshop files.  This is about the watercolor paper prints that were torn and assembled with encaustic in the first picture of my Forest Book 2.
This part of my sketchbook has some pieces of test prints that didn't get into the final project.  It also has pictures of my digitally printers plates that are on one page of Forest Book 2.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mission:Small Business and KathyAnne Art

I just registered for a $250,00 small business grant and for my application to get considered I have to have 250 people vote for my business.  I would appreciate any of you voting for KathyAnne Art and here's how.   Go to Mission:Small Business and then on the right hand bottom click on Log in and Support.  You can log in with your facebook log in.  Then under Vote Local!  Type in Kathyanne Art under the business name  and you will be able to click vote.  That's all there is to it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Digital Prints on Recycled Beverage Cans and Crochet

Needle arts have always been a major part of my art life.  I learned to crochet when I was 7 and made a ripple afghan that was anything but exact in the ripple department.  It was pretty pitiful, but it was so much fun I didn't worry if the ripples were a mess.  Much later in the 70's crochet was popular so there were always plenty of patterns around for me to make endless pieces in crochet.  Now I tend to leave patterns behind and just figure it out and crochet when the inspiration hits.

Today I still always have a crochet project going and when it comes to assembling my beverage can digital prints, I crochet pieces together.   Yesterday Kathryn who blogs (on her website)  Crochet Concupiscence sent me an email to tell my a piece of my crochet work was highlighted on her blog "20 Creative Things a Crocheter Can Do With Paper" You can see my piece and others in her post.

This got me to thinking how much crochet I have been doing in the last couple of weeks with my beverage cans so I thought I would share a bunch of pieces front and back and then show you how I start these pieces.  They are labor intensive and a bit wearing on your hands, but rewarding.  These pieces are small, nothing larger then 12" x 12".
The general plan with these pieces are to string the can pieces and crochet together. 
Many of the pieces are then secured to a piece of hardware cloth so they can be hung.
 Front 12" x 12" piece
 Detail of back
You can see I started with a small square and then crocheted the rest of the rows around the square.  I
approached the first piece on the page the same way.
 This piece rolls together and can be hung in the round.  It is 8" x 20"
This would actually be the inside of the piece since it naturally rolls together.
 This piece is 10" x 16" with the height of 2.5"- the loops of the beverage can are rather long.
This is the back:)

Now let's see how they all start-  
I print the beverage cans- you can actually find my ebook on printing beverage cans on my kathyanne art site the title is The Complete Guide to Digital Printing and Assembling Beverage Cans.  It is also available on Nook and Kindle.  

After the cans are printed and varnished and ready to go I cut them in the size pieces for the project - punch holes and then string them onto colored hemp.
When I string the cans I don't put tons on.  As I want to add can pieces I just cut the hemp, add pieces then tie the hemp back to the piece and crochet.  So as you see in the pic above I chain stitched and then I crochet the pieces into the crochet chain.
Every other row I crochet without can pieces.  Otherwise it is totally unruly and there is no room for the cans.  As it is I pack them in.

Please visit my Digital Alternative Sites to get more information on digital printing.  These sister sites are about my digital alternative print processes. 

These sites also have tutorials.  They are new sites and I am in the process of building the content on them.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Sketchbook Challenge

Well it's almost here "The Sketchbook Challenge" a book by Sue Bleiweiss.  My piece Forest Book 2 is included in this wonderful book as well as the studio journal mapping the creation of my project.  I will be excited to see the book and will probably only have to wait a few more days for my copy. 

There is some exciting news since there will be a blog hop among the artists (this includes me) who have work in Sue's book. The blog hop celebration starts June 25th and ends July 10th.  There are $1200 worth of prizes that will be given away from the artists participating.  Winners will be drawn randomly from comments on the posts during the blog hop.  Each artist will chose people from their comments for the prizes they will give away.  For more information see Sue's blog post today.

My piece is of course composed of many digital prints and then assembled on 6 pages 10" x 12" to complete the Forest Book.  Each page is a separate creation containing digital prints on surfaces such as lutradur, metal printers plates, watercolor paper, beverage cans and more.  Encaustic and crochet  is used as well as other techniques in the assemblages of the pages.    More to come as we gear up for the blog hop.

Oh and before I forget I will be giving away a  years membership to KathyAnne Art, my member website.  The value of this is $35.00, but the beauty of it is the over 700 royalty free images and the monthly workshops that currently total over 40 with new ones every month.  Remember to visit here on June 27th and comment on my post to get your chance to win.  The winner will be drawn from the comments on the blog post from the blog hop.

Also I will have a free coupon code for the workshop on my KathyAnne Art site that was created based on my studio journal seen in the Sketchbook Challenge book.  Anyone who reads my blog that day will be able to find that coupon code from a url I will post and then download and enjoy their free workshop.  You can access the workshop description for "Studio Journals Mini Workshop" on my Inside KathyAnne Art Blog.

I also have another give away- Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms by Alisa Golden Total retail value $19.95!  

Be sure to join all of us as we celebrate the release of Sue's book!
Forest Book 2  Front and Back Cover

Detail shots below