Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ebooks on Kindle and Nook

All three of my ebooks have been published on both Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook. Actually Design Intriguing Surfaces is still a hold out on the Nook since it seemed to me that some of the pages cut off the words on the edges.  Once that problem is solved Design Intriguing Surfaces will be available on Nook as well as Kindle.

Kindle is still a black and white format, so be sure to get the app for your iphone, droid, ipad or computer so that you can enjoy the full color versions of these 3 ebooks.

Design Intriguing Surfaces  Kindle version    Nook version (in the works)

The Complete Guide to Digital Printing and Assembling Beverage Cans  Kindle version  Nook version

Inside Sensual Surfaces   Kindle version   Nook version

The pdf versions of my ebooks are also available on They are in the tutorial section, but you can follow these direct links to the pages -Design Intriguing Surfaces       The Complete Guide to Digital Printing and Assembling on Beverage Cans     Inside Sensual Surfaces

To buy now and get the full page pdf versions by email for 9.99 

Design Intriguing Surfaces

The Complete Guide to Digital Printing and Assembling Beverage Cans

Inside Sensual Surfaces


  1. And what about those of us that have neither a Kindle or a Nook? Are you willing to email a pdf?

  2. Hi Judy, I can and do mail pdfs. in a minute I will put all the other links on the blog post. The pdfs of my ebooks are available on and also on a buy now from the blog posts on this blog. Should have done that at the same time:)


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