Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beverage Can Prints

Crazy busy in my studio and at least I am getting to some of my serious printing tasks.  Since I am gearing up for vending night at ARTFEST 2011 (wow is it really next week?) I have been doing some printing.  First some cheesecloth skins on my new 7890.  Those are already packed so you won't be seeing those, but these can prints are in the drying process and on their way to be varnished.  Loving our weather in Northern Arizona, my drying time is sweet.  I will be printing some more cheesecloth skins this weekend, since that will be about all the time left before finishing packing.  LOTS of stuff to get ready before my 2 workshops and vending night.  It's always so wonderful when you get there and it all comes together.

 Beverage Cans in mid process.  Varnishing next.


Check out my ebook to learn about printing on beverage cans.  Amazon Kindle-"The Complete Guide to Digital Printing and Assembling Beverage Cans"


  1. Your class was great and a tough one to teach. I cannot believe what you do with aluminum.

  2. Hey you, and I'd love to teach another one on printing again next year. Even as we speak, I am making samples:) Thanks for being there! Keep in touch:)


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