Friday, March 11, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge

The Sketchbook Challenge, have you heard about it, are you participating, are you curious?  In January Sue Bleiweiss started this amazing group of artists to participate with her on a wonderful idea.  Who of our creative selves doesn't at least think of sketchbooks and journals. even if we don't keep them ourselves.  Well here's your chance. Start any time and get behind the monthly theme.  March's theme is Spilling Over.  I love this theme, my sketchbooks and journals never stay in their pages.  If you check the blog today, you will see that I am the guest blogger, check it out.  I was thrilled when Sue asked me to participate.  

There are sketchbooks and journals laying around all over my studio and house.  Never know what I may want to pick up play with. I work on many at one time and am always creating them new when I am procrastinating or looking for something to do.  One thing I know is that they have to have color, pictures, texture, layers and covers with dimension.  Below I put together some images with the must have for all my sketchbooks/journals.  Colored pages either dyed or painted, some type of dimensional collage or elements, definitely some digitals and anything else that calls to me. 

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