Wednesday, April 25, 2012

JuliAnne Kaplan- Photographer

I’d like to introduce a professional photographer out of San Rafael California, JuliAnne Kaplan.  
About her work JuliAnne says  "My work is typically abstract and minimalist using natural lighting to highlight color and texture.  

JuliAnne contacted me at the end of 2010 to make plans for a one on one workshop in my studio in February 2011.  I had seen some of JuliAnne’s photography by visiting her website and was drawn to her interesting photographic world.  Her photographs lend themselves to all sorts of alternative surfaces.  What I didn’t know about JuliAnne was that she was a bit conservative in many ways and somewhat timid.  What I mean by this is that JuliAnne likes to structure her world a bit and my out of the box approach was an entirely new way for her to think.

Well think she did and in returning home she was so excited about what she had learned she immediately purchased a new Epson 7890. JuliAnne also got many of the supplies together she would need to embark on this new endeavor of digital printing alternative surfaces.  Now we need to dial it forward a year to 2012 and the ink still hadn’t been removed from the plastic packages and her printer was (after it being in a box in the garage for awhile) just freshly put together and in plastic in the corner of her computer studio. 
Luckily I was on my way to San Francisco to participate in a workshop and JuliAnne was in the need of getting her studio put together in such a way as she could actually print.  It was like a match made in heaven since I was available to spend some time setting up her printers and getting everything set so she could print alternative surfaces.  

If you visit my Digital Alternative Journaling site, you will be able to read the pages of my iPad journal about our journey through some of the set up and the significant results we had digitally printing some incredible surfaces. It was one of those- you had to be there, but humor was a LARGE part of our time together and both of us smile each time we think about our experience.  Three pages of my journal are posted from April 5, April 6 and April 9.  (You can click on each date to take you to the individual posts.)

Ms. Kaplan recently told me “the work you do has been the BEST THERAPY I have ever had!  I’m even learning how NOT to make my bed in the morning!!!  Your one-on-one workshops have really helped to stretch my comfort zone and as a result, I am quickly seeing and entirely new phase of my works emerge after shooting since 1970....”  
Visit JuliAnne’s website to get familiar with her photography.  Some of her work will appear in my upcoming book about digital printing alternative surfaces.