Friday, August 20, 2010

ArtFest 2011 Workshops

Two of my favorite workshops will be offered at ArtFest 2011. Printing Alternative Surfaces will take place on April 7, 2011 and Layered 3D Collage will be on April 8, 2011.  I have listed the class descriptions, pictures and cursory youtube videos about the workshops.  Hope you will join me there, this will be great!!!  Oh and if  you plan to come for the Layered 3D Collage- please note my supply lists, as of today, the supplies on the ArtFest site are not for my workshop.  They were mixed up with another class and hopefully will be changed on the ArtFest Site soon.

Printing Alternative Surfaces

The content of this workshop will enlighten you on absolutely everything you need to know
about digital printing on alternative surfaces. We will not print on regular photograph paper.
Each student will have a kit of surfaces that have been prepared for printing on a small 4” x 6”
format printer. These surfaces will include lutradur, organdy, pimatex cotton, metal and hand
made cheese cloth skin, specialty paper.

Printing Alternative Surfaces is a process class, which includes a handout containing complete
instructions on types of pre-coats, pre-coating surfaces, carrier sheets, printer profiles, printing
on uncommon surfaces and creating surfaces by hand.
Each student will purchase a kit of surfaces (see supplies for contents of kit) that have been
prepared for printing. You will attach those surfaces and print them on a small 4” x 6” format
printer. These surfaces will include lutradur, organdy, pimatex cotton, metal, hand made
cheese cloth skins, specialty paper, and watercolor paper. You can use my images or bring
your own.

Since there will be time taken up by students printing, while others wait, we will also look at
using printed surfaces in collage. Your kit will also contain watercolor paper for this purpose.
We will experiment and play with this part, but who knows you could create a great collage!
I will pass on whatever I know that will make your journey easy, fun and inspiring. 

Layered 3D Collage

Want to add excitement to your projects.?  Go 3D in a good way.  This works for everything, collage, mixed media, journals, art books and whatever else you may be creating.  We will create small compositions to experiment with exercises to push your creative techniques, then we will add them to larger compositions.

This workshop is largely a process class, but you will end up with interesting elements to use in future work and have the opportunity to create an end result with exercises developed.

Designed to produce extremely interesting 3D elements, we will manipulate fabric, paper and other items.  During the workshop we will experiment with some, if not all of the following materials: found objects, metals, twigs, hemp, canvas, paint, thread, recycled items, metal mesh and wire.
 We will look at uncommon ways to use surfaces and items in a 3D and layered way, with exercises that stretch beyond where we have been before..  Each participant will bring their special style to the elements created.  Students are encouraged to develop their own interpretation with the ideas presented.
Depending on how fast you work, will depend on how far you can go, but you will open a world of discovery and stretch as your imagination leads you through the exercises.   There will be food for thought and plenty to try later on your own. 

Remember we will be in the classroom only one day,  so don’t over bring things.

General art supplies such as: scissors, gel medium or glue (for tougher glue jobs, I like using gel medium, but you decide what you would like to use).  A few small pieces of sturdy paper or fabric around 6” to 10 “,  you can use as a base for elements. 

You will receive instructions for the exercises, that sometimes include items I give each student.  You will need to bring a small assortment of other like materials like, pieces cut off of old artwork, pieces of clothing,  buttons, yarn, ribbon, recycled things, scraps of anything to combine with your creations, found objects, beads, items to stack or build onto, whatever you think you want to create with.   No worries, I will also have a large stash of all sorts of items for you to use, so don’t bring a lot.

One package of 24 to 33 gauge wire.  Craft wire is fine.  The larger the gauge, the thinner the wire. 

Embroidery thread (6 strand) with needles to use with the thread.  

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Encaustic and Digitals

I've been wanting to learn about encaustics and how that process may be incorporated with my digital prints. While I was teaching at Art Unraveled recently, I was able to take an Encaustic workshop from Patricia Seggebruch. She's great and if you want to check out her book, it's called "Encaustic Workshop."

Working with this method was truly interesting along with challenging. Developing work while using the encaustic technique opens endless possibilities in journaling and collage along with some limitations. Here are some of my results from that workshop.

Digital on melted tyvek, dyed burlap, metal screen, encaustic

Dyed cheesecloth and burlap, print on heat distressed lutradur, print on paper, twigs, copper wire

Crocheted waxed linen, crocheted hemp, printed tyvek, crocheted wire, encaustic

Dyed cheesecloth, dyed burlap, metal screen, twigs, printed paper, copper wire, encaustic

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