Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Encaustic and Digitals

I've been wanting to learn about encaustics and how that process may be incorporated with my digital prints. While I was teaching at Art Unraveled recently, I was able to take an Encaustic workshop from Patricia Seggebruch. She's great and if you want to check out her book, it's called "Encaustic Workshop."

Working with this method was truly interesting along with challenging. Developing work while using the encaustic technique opens endless possibilities in journaling and collage along with some limitations. Here are some of my results from that workshop.

Digital on melted tyvek, dyed burlap, metal screen, encaustic

Dyed cheesecloth and burlap, print on heat distressed lutradur, print on paper, twigs, copper wire

Crocheted waxed linen, crocheted hemp, printed tyvek, crocheted wire, encaustic

Dyed cheesecloth, dyed burlap, metal screen, twigs, printed paper, copper wire, encaustic

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  1. These are really great! I'd love to know their dimensions. Are they 6"x6" or two feet x two feet?

  2. The small ones are 3" x 5" and the larger one that has gold in the background is 8" x 10". I will be working with this again as soon as I get my wax colors:)

  3. Encaustics have always intrigued me but the thought of gearing up with yet more supplies and equipment is a bit daunting! Looking at your work gives me all the more reason to give it a try...but will have to wait until another day. Really like how you have used this medium!!

  4. Hey Dave, It really is interesting working with the encaustics. I am set up with a bare minimum set, but still need to get the heat tray to melt the wax. I keep forgetting. I have some ideas about this. Just have to be careful of what I use as a base since the wax cracks. When I get it together I will post some more and put some pics on the flickr group:)


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