Friday, July 30, 2010

Phoenix Airport Museum

From now until February 2011 the Phoenix Airport Museum is showing 2 of my pieces from my Forest Trail Series.  Yesterday I was in the Phoenix Airport, on my way to Denver,.  As I rounded the corner to security in terminal 4, I saw one of the exhibits featuring Forest Trails 4.  

Forest Trails 4, 68" x 48" is composed of texture layers of canvas, burlap, fiberglass screen and has a 2 top layers of digital prints on canvas and tyvek.

This picture was taken with my Android.  The reflection in the glass makes it impossible to get a picture without all the reflection, but I was able to clean a little of it up with the Content Aware Fill from Photohshop CS5. On my way back through the airport on Sunday, I will hunt up the other exhibit in the same terminal.



  1. Congratulations -- this is a wonderful display. My husband and I will be in Phoenix to watch some spring training games, but it's too much to hope it will be up then, yes?

  2. This is exciting and even with the reflection, your art looks good.

  3. Hi Pamela and Rayna, thanks for the comments. I was excited to see how great the display looked:) Yesterday, on my way back through the airport, I went to the other end of the terminal and saw the other part of the exhibit with another one of my works.

    The exhibit will be down in February. I think spring training may start after the exhibit is changed.

  4. Looked you up when looking over the Artfest site and had to tell you that I saw this display at the airport when I arrived Tuesday for Art Unraveled and loved the work!

  5. Hey, Diane, that's awesome:) sure is a great place to have people see my work.

    If you see this before the Shopping Extravaganza at Art Unraveled, stop by and say hi. I think my table will be in front of the large room. KathyAnne Art will have an add in the program.


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