Monday, July 19, 2010

Flickr Group for Digital Alternative Surfaces

Amazing digital surfaces are the central theme of my new group on Flickr-Digital Prints on Alternative Surfaces.  I would love to see what you are printing on.   Printed alternative surfaces are interesting, innovative and inspirational.  Here is a place to share what you have created in this genre.  You can access this group and get permission to join by going to
Photos and posts can be anything concerning digital printing: an idea you are working on, a print on an uncommon surface, or a finished piece that incorporates digital prints on alternative surfaces.  This is the place to post your photos or join a discussions.

Join us to share inspiration, ideas and projects with digital prints.
You will need a Flickr account to post.  Also I will have to approve you. You can go to this url  or you can contact me and request an invitation to Digital Prints on Alternative Surfaces on Flickr.   Then you can start a discussion, add to a discussion, ask questions etc.  The best part is for you to share your digital creations in any form and let us all view them.   If you are looking for feedback this is a great place to ask for it.  We would love to have you as a group member.  

Recycled Beverage cans, assembled in layers of printed cans and crochet wire
 Digital print on copper mesh
Digital print on organdy, painted canvas and lutradur
Digital print on aluminum flashing with molding paste and sand added before the inkAID precoat for printing.


  1. KathyAnne,
    I joined the group and put some images out there. So far I haven't seen any comments...but it's summer and I'm sure everyone has other things going on...looking forward to being part of this group as I've always been excited about working with "alternative surfaces" with my all aspects of my art..

  2. Hey Dave, Glad to have you in the group. I've been traveling and doing workshops and haven't gotten in to flickr in a bit. Nice work. I left you a few comments.

    If you know anyone printing alternative surfaces, let them know about the group. We'll build it up and get it flowing.

  3. Ou I love the idea of putting something else onto the surface beore you coat it with inkaid.!! By the way you keep saying 'skins' .........what do you mean when you say that?

  4. By skins I mean some type of surface that is created with a gel medium base and then you build it from there. The gel medium gives it a skin type feel and depending on how you create it can be fragile or durable.


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