Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces

Don't you just love the internet?  I recently returned from teaching a 3 day workshop for the Texas Federation of Fiber Artists.  I was also the juror of their show "Fiberwerkes 2012 and I gave the keynote at the dinner "Untwine Your Mind: Beyond Fiber". It was a brilliant week and I was surrounded by all sorts of wonderful people.  It was a great time and recently a couple people blogged on the event.  Diane Sandlin who was my "angel" in the classroom and everything else.  Then Leslie Tucker Jennison who is in the 8 That Create group I am in.  It was great to meet Leslie for the first time.  When you visit the link that is attached to Leslie's name, go back and look at this link also- it is about the workshop Leslie too from Mary Ruth Smith.  Mary Ruth was one of the instructors at the conference.  She was also one of the artist's I juried into the show and her work is just awesome.
Diane and Leslie beat me to any blogging on the subject and I wanted you all to see their posts.  I know for myself that every time I teach a new group or meet other artists interested in digital alternative surfaces I get all sorts of ideas on pushing this process.  So many ideas came to me when working on my keynote and researching the artists for my keynote.  I continue to grow, get tons of new ideas and spark my creativity!!!
So today along with the other links I will show you how to access one of my new domains.
Digital Alternative Surfaces.  I am building content in a few new places which will keep me hopping I the blog category and keep me creating and pushing the digital surface.  This is going to be a great year for creativity, but aren't they all?