Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Started with Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces

In Studio Workshop set for April 28 and 29, 2012

For all of you who want to learn to print on digital alternative surfaces.  

Getting Started with Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces
April 28-29, 2012
9AM to 4PM each day
Kathyanne Art Studio
930 S. Cowboy Springs Trl.
Prescott, AZ  86305

My In-Studio Workshops have a 4 person limit.
Workshop Description:
This workshop will focus on printing alternative surfaces.  Where digital printing is concerned my goal is to discover the possibilities between the surface created, the inkAID precoat used and the printer capabilities.  One of the goals of this workshop will to be experiment and build surfaces that will take us into the basic new ideas of digital printing.   We will use an Epson Stylus Photo R3000 for most of the printing.  This will be hands on experience with Epson printersWe will also create a couple of surfaces to print on the Epson 1100 Workforce for hands on experience with a straight pass through non art printer.

We will prepare and print metal mesh and beverage cans along with fabrics and surfaces we build from scratch.  Students will get a well-rounded look at the digital printing process with alternative surfaces.  At the same time preprinted surfaces will be available for students to use to get an idea of innovative ways to assemble digital prints and create studies for future projects.  I have supplies and tools for us to experiment with assembling metals.  
A laptop will be helpful. Images may need to be altered to fit the size and the look of your surface.  When building surfaces we may paint, dye or add elements that will easily be seen in the final print.  In this case students will create an image file that reflects the look of the prepared surface.  We can scan and/or photograph your surface to get a better idea of the effect the prepared surface will create.  I will have jump drives to move and load images for printing.  
Bring lunch since there is no place near to get something to eat.  I have water, diet soft drinks and ice tea and will have some snacks.  There are a few errors in some of the gps tracking for directions.  Let me know where you are driving from, so I can give you correct directions.  
This studio is in a rural area on a dirt road.  I do have animals around including a cat in case you are allergic.  
Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that won't matter if you get some type of product on them.  If you want to wear gloves while painting or applying products please bring them.
Come with your imagination, questions, ideas and desire to explore.  We will deal in what if's while we create surfaces that safely print on my printers.  Any questions or registration contact me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Printing Fabrics and Beyond in Austin Texas

New workshop scheduled for May 18-20, 2012.

Dragonfly Gallery at Rosedale will be hosting my "Digital Printing Fabrics and Beyond" in Austin Texas this May.  

Digital Printing Fabrics and Beyond
This workshop is designed to be your complete guide to digital printing on uncommon types of substrates.  We will prepare and print fabric, specialty paper, substrates we build ourselves, beverage cans and metal mesh.  During the course of this workshop you will be introduced to many ideas for you to continue your exploration of the alternative digital printing process once the workshop is over. 
For a better understanding of this type of process and how images print with different substrates and precoats, it is recommended you use one image throughout the workshop.  Images that work best are all over prints without strong dividing lines such as a floral scene.  If you have any questions about suitable images, please contact me.
Exercises on color correction, size and resize and printer profiles will be available for students to understand how to create quality prints.  The current Photoshop CS will be used for demonstration, but instructions will also be printed using the current Photoshop Elements program at the time.  

Dragonfly Gallery is on Marathon Blvd in Austin Texas.  For workshop registration contact Nina Mihm

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spontaneous Creating

This morning I was on the way to my studio just wanting to create something. (Okay so it is only at the bottom of a set of stairs, but I knew something had to happen since I was feeling so inspired to go forward with an idea.)  Right now I am in the midst of many amazing projects, writing an ebook, doing workshop prep, a keynote to polish, an enews to write and a workshop of the month to finish for KathyAnne Art members.  Plus I am in the process of working on 2 art pieces simultaneously one for our 8 that create group and one for a refuse show.  
So what am I doing today?  Creating without regard to what deadlines are looming.  That is one of the things I love the best.  This is also a refuse piece that is calling me, so I can’t stop myself.  Have to go with the flow on this one and what a great morning it was with most of the elements ready to construct this piece.  
Here is the start of the set up and then I will have to see what other parts will be needed to assemble the piece.  Only a few more elements to get this to go together.  

My first inspiration was to go for the bottle caps.  Then I went for a rectangular box shape that is 6" x 6" x 10". 

This rectangular hardware cloth piece was put together a few months ago and not used.
Next I knew I wanted to fill the bottle caps with layers of something and the total layer thing wasn't clear yet, so I started with beverage can prints.
I tested some beverage cans to stamp into circles and found the size I wanted.  I then proceeded to cut enough circles with a smaller size circle to layer over the large one.   
I know what's next- this print will be torn small to fold over the edges of the bottle tops with 2 layers of beverage can circles and maybe beads.  I will try a study of a few caps later today or tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Art Unraveled 2012

It's wonderful to be back at Art Unraveled again this year and teaching Explore Digital Printing.  My workshop at Art Unraveled 2012 will allow all the students to get a jump start on digital alternative surfaces.  Everyday I am creating ways to print on uncommon surfaces and now am continually designing surfaces that can be printed from a regular Epson Work Force printer.  It is amazing what can be done on a regular straight pass through printer.

I will include the workshop description here and links for access.  There is a short video on youtube to see a little of what the surfaces look like.  As with any of my workshop I strive to give the latest and greatest to my students and by August there will be tons more latest and greatest.  In any event we will also play with my printed surfaces so students will get an idea of what they can do with printed surfaces.  It will be informative, interesting and lots of fun, so if you are planning to be at Art Unraveled this year, check it out.

Registration is open on January 17th, so get ready.  We will be using my Epson small format printers and if we can print on them you can print on any pass through printer.

Explore Digital Printing

One of the amazing things about digital printing is the amount of surfaces you can use to print images for your artwork and journals. In this workshop students will print surfaces that have been prepared in advance. There will also be complete instructions to prepare surfaces for future printing. We will explore printing on fabric, lightweight metal, cheesecloth skin, tyvek and watercolor paper.

During the workshop we will use 2 Epson small format printers as everyone prints the surfaces from their kits for hands on experience. Learning how to use these 4” x 6” format printers prepares students to use other direct pass through printers to print alternative surfaces in the future. This workshop is mostly a process workshop although participants will make a small project of a mini journal and/or artist trading cards with some of their printed images. Additional materials will be available for students to use to experience working with printed surfaces to create mini journals or artist trading cards.

Each student will receive a CD containing a pdf of information about the digital printing process on alternative surfaces including printer profiles, sizing and resizing images, supplier information, a description of precoats and step by step instruction for applying precoats. See my youtube channel for a look at the surfaces we will print- 

Art Unraveled 2012, Phoenix Arizona July 30 to August 7, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 That Create

Catchy title for a new artist group.  Like our title says, we are "8 that create".  Our group includes, myself, Kathyanne White, Sue Bleiweiss (the one who pulled us all together), Jane Davilla, Jamie Fingal, Gloria Hansen, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Liz Kettle and Carol Sloan.

8 That Create is a group of professional, artists that explore the use of
innovative mixed media techniques to manipulate, alter and enhance the
appearance of their chosen surface. 

Our mission is to support each other in our individual artistic journeys and to
provide inspiration to others through our group exhibitions, publications,
website and blog. 

Each of us has introduced ourselves on our 8 that create blog.  There you can follow what is coming up for our group.  We will have our first internet show in March so stay tuned to see what happens then or better check our website for details sometime in the future.  My piece is in the works and I will post "in the beginning pictures" in about 2 weeks.  Check our blog from time to time and keep up with the happenings of "8 that create".