Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 That Create

Catchy title for a new artist group.  Like our title says, we are "8 that create".  Our group includes, myself, Kathyanne White, Sue Bleiweiss (the one who pulled us all together), Jane Davilla, Jamie Fingal, Gloria Hansen, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Liz Kettle and Carol Sloan.

8 That Create is a group of professional, artists that explore the use of
innovative mixed media techniques to manipulate, alter and enhance the
appearance of their chosen surface. 

Our mission is to support each other in our individual artistic journeys and to
provide inspiration to others through our group exhibitions, publications,
website and blog. 

Each of us has introduced ourselves on our 8 that create blog.  There you can follow what is coming up for our group.  We will have our first internet show in March so stay tuned to see what happens then or better check our website for details sometime in the future.  My piece is in the works and I will post "in the beginning pictures" in about 2 weeks.  Check our blog from time to time and keep up with the happenings of "8 that create".