Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Art Unraveled 2012

It's wonderful to be back at Art Unraveled again this year and teaching Explore Digital Printing.  My workshop at Art Unraveled 2012 will allow all the students to get a jump start on digital alternative surfaces.  Everyday I am creating ways to print on uncommon surfaces and now am continually designing surfaces that can be printed from a regular Epson Work Force printer.  It is amazing what can be done on a regular straight pass through printer.

I will include the workshop description here and links for access.  There is a short video on youtube to see a little of what the surfaces look like.  As with any of my workshop I strive to give the latest and greatest to my students and by August there will be tons more latest and greatest.  In any event we will also play with my printed surfaces so students will get an idea of what they can do with printed surfaces.  It will be informative, interesting and lots of fun, so if you are planning to be at Art Unraveled this year, check it out.

Registration is open on January 17th, so get ready.  We will be using my Epson small format printers and if we can print on them you can print on any pass through printer.

Explore Digital Printing

One of the amazing things about digital printing is the amount of surfaces you can use to print images for your artwork and journals. In this workshop students will print surfaces that have been prepared in advance. There will also be complete instructions to prepare surfaces for future printing. We will explore printing on fabric, lightweight metal, cheesecloth skin, tyvek and watercolor paper.

During the workshop we will use 2 Epson small format printers as everyone prints the surfaces from their kits for hands on experience. Learning how to use these 4” x 6” format printers prepares students to use other direct pass through printers to print alternative surfaces in the future. This workshop is mostly a process workshop although participants will make a small project of a mini journal and/or artist trading cards with some of their printed images. Additional materials will be available for students to use to experience working with printed surfaces to create mini journals or artist trading cards.

Each student will receive a CD containing a pdf of information about the digital printing process on alternative surfaces including printer profiles, sizing and resizing images, supplier information, a description of precoats and step by step instruction for applying precoats. See my youtube channel for a look at the surfaces we will print- 

Art Unraveled 2012, Phoenix Arizona July 30 to August 7, 2012