Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Printing Fabrics and Beyond in Austin Texas

New workshop scheduled for May 18-20, 2012.

Dragonfly Gallery at Rosedale will be hosting my "Digital Printing Fabrics and Beyond" in Austin Texas this May.  

Digital Printing Fabrics and Beyond
This workshop is designed to be your complete guide to digital printing on uncommon types of substrates.  We will prepare and print fabric, specialty paper, substrates we build ourselves, beverage cans and metal mesh.  During the course of this workshop you will be introduced to many ideas for you to continue your exploration of the alternative digital printing process once the workshop is over. 
For a better understanding of this type of process and how images print with different substrates and precoats, it is recommended you use one image throughout the workshop.  Images that work best are all over prints without strong dividing lines such as a floral scene.  If you have any questions about suitable images, please contact me.
Exercises on color correction, size and resize and printer profiles will be available for students to understand how to create quality prints.  The current Photoshop CS will be used for demonstration, but instructions will also be printed using the current Photoshop Elements program at the time.  

Dragonfly Gallery is on Marathon Blvd in Austin Texas.  For workshop registration contact Nina Mihm