Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spontaneous Creating

This morning I was on the way to my studio just wanting to create something. (Okay so it is only at the bottom of a set of stairs, but I knew something had to happen since I was feeling so inspired to go forward with an idea.)  Right now I am in the midst of many amazing projects, writing an ebook, doing workshop prep, a keynote to polish, an enews to write and a workshop of the month to finish for KathyAnne Art members.  Plus I am in the process of working on 2 art pieces simultaneously one for our 8 that create group and one for a refuse show.  
So what am I doing today?  Creating without regard to what deadlines are looming.  That is one of the things I love the best.  This is also a refuse piece that is calling me, so I can’t stop myself.  Have to go with the flow on this one and what a great morning it was with most of the elements ready to construct this piece.  
Here is the start of the set up and then I will have to see what other parts will be needed to assemble the piece.  Only a few more elements to get this to go together.  

My first inspiration was to go for the bottle caps.  Then I went for a rectangular box shape that is 6" x 6" x 10". 

This rectangular hardware cloth piece was put together a few months ago and not used.
Next I knew I wanted to fill the bottle caps with layers of something and the total layer thing wasn't clear yet, so I started with beverage can prints.
I tested some beverage cans to stamp into circles and found the size I wanted.  I then proceeded to cut enough circles with a smaller size circle to layer over the large one.   
I know what's next- this print will be torn small to fold over the edges of the bottle tops with 2 layers of beverage can circles and maybe beads.  I will try a study of a few caps later today or tomorrow.