Friday, October 19, 2012

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Lots of work going on with my upcoming book.  Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces:the definitive source.  Just finishing the beginning of the chapter on recycled surfaces of which beverage cans are first  This is the set up for printing on my Epson R3000.  A video on placing the cans on the carrier sheet and printing them will appear in the iPad version,  The video is just about done.

Aside from my book I've been a bit busy lately in a good way.  An article was due for both Maggie Grey's Workshop on the Web (December issue) and also Digital Art Creation Magazine.  The DAC magazine is free to read on the web and is also available on the iPad.  iPad versions are free for the next one at least and then you have to purchase it to read it on your iPad.  The iPad version will have videos.  The issue coming out soon I wrote on digital printing on silk and the next one is about digital printing recycled plastics.

Spent some time in Taos and did a keynote and one day workshop for SLMM-the Society of Layerists in Mixed Media.  Pretty long drive from here, but I got to see some of the balloons from the annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta while passing through Albuquerque. Very nice.  No pictures though, just looking.

During my drive to and from Taos I listened to the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.
I put off reading it for a long time since I heard rumblings of how uncool Steve was.  He is one of my heroes, so I didn't want to get up close and personal with his dark side.  It was a pleasant surprise when I looked at his quirks in another way and was very inspired with how he changed the world.  I loved the book and am reading the actual book now.  He is still one of my heroes. He was truly one of a kind.

So now we come to what I have been doing besides traveling and working on my book for the past month.  I have been putting a type of kit together combining inkAID precoats, fabric that includes an instructional video.  There are 9 fabrics and you can read about them on my Digital Alternative Studio website.

My enews will go out next week between October 23-25 and all the details are in there.  I have combinations of the fabric for sale on my KathyAnne Art site currently, but my video and other information won't be ready until early next week.  If you are on my enews you will be notified right away. 

Feel free to peruse my new sister websites.  Starting with Digital Alternative Surfaces you can see the other sites from inside links.  Or you can just visit- Digital Alternative Studio and Digital Alternative Journaling.