Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bits and Pieces in Construction

Still thinking about this piece.  I know what I want to plug in the layers, but there is a ton of work left.  Since I am leaving for Texas to teach at the Texas Federation of Fiber Artists Conference I will have to let it sit till I get back.  The layers consist of a digital print on wire mesh, digital print on beverage cans and there will be slivers of beverage cans that have digital prints in between.  It will be very crushed up. As you can see the layers fall off of each other right now.  I may be able to get a few pieces done just to see what it looks like, but there is tons to do before I leave and my keynote to finish today.  Those pesky images need to be in place and work:)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pushing Forward with Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces

Going forward there are so many ways to push digital printing on alternative surfaces.  This new workshop that will take place in my studio on June 16 and 17 this year will take ideas further while sticking safely inside the perimeters of current printers.  Here is the information for this workshop.

Pushing Forward with Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces
June 16 and 17, 2012 
9AM to 4PM
Kathyanne Art Studio
930 S. Cowboy Springs Trl.
Prescott, AZ  86305
Workshop fee of $375.00 for the 2 days $50.00 supply fee due at workshop.
Deposit of $190.00  balance paid 30 days before workshop.
Contact me for registration- payment by check or paypal
My In-Studio Workshops have a 4 person limit
In order for a student to participate in this workshop they must have digital alternative printing experience.  A prerequisite such as my In Studio workshop on April 28 & 29,  “Getting Started with Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces”.   If you have not taken one of my digital printing classes before, you can take my online course “Getting Started with Digital Prints on Uncommon Surfaces” from the KathyAnne Art site to prepare.  Contact me for details.
This workshop will focus on extreme surface preparation for alternative digital printing.  We will be experimenting rather then creating finished prints, but you will print.  Cutting edge surfaces will be the goal.  We will also experiment with after print processes like encaustics.  Sewing may be included, but I have several machines and plenty of supplies.
We will use altered kozo bark and pound it into amate bark paper, dry, coat and print.  Amate bark is an amazing surface for printing if constructed correctly.  This technique may be used with other fiber.  Surfaces will be built and techniques shown to make sure substrates will print safely.  Feel free to bring some prints or pieces of prints to experiment with some of the after process ideas.  Some of my prints will be available to use so that students will be able to experiment with some construction ideas.
This will be an adventurous and uniquely experimental day.  
A laptop will be helpful.  Images may need to be altered to fit the size and the look of your surface.  I will have jump drives to move and load images for printing.  
When building surfaces elements may be added that could affect the look of the final print.  We will scan and/or photograph these types of surfaces in order to create a print based on the substrate. 
Bring lunch since there is no place near to get something to eat.  I have water, diet soft drinks and ice tea and will have some snacks.  There are a few errors in some of the gps tracking for directions.  Let me know where you are driving from, so I can give you correct directions.  
This studio is in a rural area on a dirt road.  I do have animals around including a cat in case you are allergic.  
Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that won't matter if you get some type of product on them.  If you want to wear gloves while painting or applying products please bring them.
Come with your imagination, questions, ideas and desire to explore.  We will deal in what if's while we create extreme surfaces that safely print on my printers.  Any questions feel free to call.