Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Content Aware Fill- Photoshop CS5

Did you know Photoshop CS5  has Content-Aware Fill?  Take items out of a photo with no fuss, just make a selection and then use the Content-Aware Fill. Here's a before and after. This bear was pacing his cage at the zoo in Omaha. I wanted to print him on a skin and as usual I didn't have a lot of time to finish the image preparation and printing.  Since I had been working on the new version of Photoshop, I thought I would try to use the content aware fill and see how easy it was to use.  

The bear was in a glass enclosure at the zoo and there were a bunch of people standing around watching him.  The reflection off the glass in the picture showed parts of the watchers. There was garbage in part of  the bears domain.  I used the lasso tool to make some quick selections and each time I had a selection active I used  Edit< Fill< Use

Here you see the Bear with circles around some of the selections.  If you look closely you can see people and distracting stuff.  

This photo shows the correction made with the Content-Aware Fill, this took just a few minutes.

Last, I textured the rocks with one of my patterns.  The final overprint onto a skin with elements  is part of my Skins and Metal Mesh Workshop.


  1. Hi Kathyanne,

    I just purchased CS5--thanks for the info--I am sure it will come in handy.

  2. Hey, LInda,

    Have you tried the puppet warp? Go to this post

    See what the puppet warp can do. It's really awesome.

  3. I'm just starting to playing around with CS4...CS5 will have to wait...do you know if CS4 will do all of this as well? So much to learn...too little time!! (:


  4. Hi Dave, You can clone the background which takes a lot more time. Content-Aware Fill is new to CS5 and very handy. CS4 is still a great program!

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  6. Kathyanne,
    That's what I was afraid of...but I agree, CS4 is a great program and I use cloning alot. Thanks for the info!!


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