Saturday, March 19, 2011

Epson 7890

Well is just had to bite the bullet and purchase a new printer.  There were several problems that needed service with my 4800 and it wasn't worth repairing it, so I bought the 7890.  It's an awesome printer, but a little bit of a learning curve is appearing.  The other thing is that it loves to suck the ink to get set up, or clean nozzles or whatever it thinks it should be doing.  It is not as easy to fool as my last printer with paper or sizes or anything and tomorrow I will start printing some cheesecloth skins, so I will learn how to use this printer with carrier sheets etc.

The color is beautiful and now I can print 24" wide which in the case of my new large book pages is a fabulous thing.  This afternoon I am printing silk 17" wide prepared for printing.  Think this is the last of my 17" fabric and then I will be precoating lutradur and heavy weight canvas to get my printer profiles down with those surfaces and also some recycled printers plates.  Hopefully by the end of my planned printing I will feel a little more comfortable with this printer.


  1. Oh Man, what a fun toy! I'd love to be printing in large format!

  2. Still a little scary for me. This printer works so much different then my 4800. I'll start with some funny surfaces this week and see how far I can go here:)

  3. I would love to see you print on that machine, it is so big! No more 8 and a half by eleven!

  4. Hey Anne, It is an amazing printer. I have been printing cheesecloth skins and metal printers plates plus some fabrics. What a joy this thing is. It also easily will take a small sheet from the top and print that (8.5 x 11:). It's quiet and smooth and I am in love!!!


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