Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TIFF Images on

All professional image editing applications on the market are able to open TIFF files.
.tif or .tiff.   The advantage of using a TIFF file instead of a jpg file is that a TIFF file can 
preserve transparency on a layer while a .jpg cannot.  For use on the KathyAnneArt website that transfers to being able to load images, collage element sheets, words, shapes and many other objects without a background of white or black.  For instance these images and elements can be taken from layer to another layer as a selection.

Starting this month I will be building up the TIFF images on KathyAnneArt in all sorts of ways.  Having the capability to save layers supporting transparency opens up new opportunities for the file uploads.  In the second mini workshop that is free to members this month, I show ideas on how to use the new images and selections.  When I post Photoshop or Photoshop Elements workshops, the images plus all the layers from the tutorial images will now be available on KathyAnneArt.  

The images are placed on black, but could have anything behind them since they are selections that are movable.


  1. Fabulous as usual You are ALWAYS on the lookout for new ways to grow with your art, and to help others make better art.

  2. Thanks, Carol, I am really excited about this and can see so many possibilities. Now on to developing the potential - Maybe an image a day:)


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