Monday, June 28, 2010

Art Unraveled Workshop - August 9, 2010

I love creating digital prints and then using them for collage or elements in my art books and journals. On Aug 9, next month, I will be teaching "Eclectic Digital Elements Journal" at Art Unraveled in Phoenix Arizona.

We all have photographs that we love and would like to add to our journals or artwork.  This workshop introduces you to printing your photographs on uncommon surfaces. Eclectic Digital Elements Journal expands the way you think about your photographs.  This concept will even get you thinking about what kind of photographs to take for your work in the future.

One of the great things about this subject is the versatility of the information. This is a great mixed media class; from the fabric embellished cover, to the dyed watercolor pages, concluding with the collage of the pages in the journal itself. There is no end to the ideas once you start using digital elements in your art. This workshop opens a door of expression in a whole new way.

This is a process that takes a path and presents the fundamentals for constructing a custom journal.  Techniques are just a bit edgy.  Each student in the workshop will express their ideas in their own unique voice.

We will be using my Epson PM260 4" x 6" printer to create our digital elements.  This printer is amazing at printing beautiful images on alternative surfaces.  The workshop is 2 fold in that you learn the process for printing on uncommon surfaces ad you will make a clearly custom journal reflecting your personality.

There is a youtube video posted on this workshop, you will be able to see the journal live. Check my blog post from Dec 9 last year for a complete class description.  Then join me in Phoenix for this inspiring workshop.  Now here are tons of pics of collage with digital prints.

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