Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bark Series Continued

Bark 9 has just been completed. This is a continuation of my Bark series that is part of Sensual Surfaces. This body of work is about the Forests of Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park and the Waipoui Forest on the Northern Island of New Zealand. These forests are incredible and have inspired this exciting mixed media work.

Bark 9 is made up of small sections that include 8 layers per section. After taking a photograph of bark in Yosemite National Park, I manipulated the image in Photoshop. Once the image is ready and sized for the output, the surfaces are printed.

Surfaces from top to bottom are:

Cream Mica Crinkle
Lutradur, heat distressed
Silver Metalic Crinkle paper
Gel media/cheesecloth/semi-gloss precoat combined to make a printable surface
Arial Paper
Lutradur, heat distressed
Dyed cheesecloth
Dyed rug hook canvas

I will be teaching a workshop of the techniques included in this piece. All the details have not been released, but you could contact me and I will advise you when all the arrangements of place and time have been completed.


  1. if you're ever in the Los Angeles area teaching workshops, make sure you let me know - I love your pieces and would love to watch you "in the process!"

  2. this is absolut georgeus....oh, my...
    workshop..? could I be so lucky that it would be a on-line workshop..?
    like your works Soooo much..


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