Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Bark Piece, Bark 10

This is the beginning of Bark 10.

I manipulated a photograph of bark from Yosemite and then used that photograph for every layer.

Surfaces from top to bottom:

The top 2 layers are lutradur that has been printed and then heat distressed

Next is canvas that is printed and cut across the diagonal

Then a layer is composed of a surface I made by using gel media, cheesecloth and inkAID semi gloss pre coat. This surface is cut in 3 rectangular pieces

The last printed layer is arial (ariel?) paper

After that-dyed cheesecloth and on the bottom - rug hook canvas that has been spray dyed

In order to assemble the cut pieces in several of the layers, I used gel media as I stacked the layers together.

Most of the time I use regular metal screen to assemble and sew the layers to a backing, but this piece just didn't seem right on that backing. I found some copper screen on the internet and bought some that is heavier then the regular scree I was using. I loved the screen, it is just beautiful behind the squares, so I chose to use copper wire to put this all together. I had to put 2 holes through each stack of layers in order to use the copper wire.

The finished results follow in the next post.

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