Monday, April 28, 2008

Adding to my textural journal

Working in my studio the last few days, I have been setting up some new artwork. My first choice now is to go to my textural journal after I have printed several surfaces and working out the layer order in my journal. I make changes until I get what I want from the materials I am using. I now have the start of 5 new pieces, it will be sometime before they are all finished. I am working on the makeup of the layers such as dying canvas and crocheting hemp, also getting the twigs in one of the pieces tied with hemp. When the digital layers aren’t exactly what I want then I reprint what would work better.

I did finish a piece that I will add to the blog by the end of the week. It is made with digital prints on canvas, organdy, and tyvec. Tied fiberglass screen and twigs along with cheesecloth, one of my art quilts cut up and recycled into the composition. It is about an inch in thickness. Later for that one. Here I have several pages from my textural journal with trial makings for other work.

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