Monday, June 2, 2008

Forest Surfaces 8

Finished this new forest surfaces piece yesterday. It is the beginning of the work that I will have in a show at La Jolla Fiber Arts opening on July 28, 2008. Lots to do between now and then.

Forest Surfaces 8 is 20” x 24” and has been assembled on hardware cloth with floral wire. The layers consist of:

*A digital print on tyvec that has been heat distressed. The tyvec is printed on both sides.
*A digital print on lutradur
*Jute twine knotted with twigs
*Aluminum screen
*Colored hemp that is crocheted
*A digital print on both sides of Fabriano Artistico hot pressed watercolor paper 140 LB

Forest Surfaces 7 is lying on my table in pieces, this is the redo from a piece called Yosemite Falls finished at the end of last year. Stay tuned for how that turns out, hopefully this afternoon, I will decide on the final configuration, but then again, maybe not☺


  1. Neat. I like what you're doing. But are your hands sore from dealing with screening yet? I tried it once, not sure I would again...

  2. What type of printer are you using to print on lutradur?

  3. Hi, I use an Epson R2400 and also an Epson 4800. Kathyanne

  4. I really like the screen and put up with a lot in the way of my hands. When I work with the little pieces, it isn't as bad, just get stuck once in awhile. When I mount a larger piece on the screen I wear cotton gloves with the ends of the fingers cut out. Helps some.


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