Sunday, June 22, 2008

Forest Surfaces 9

Finishing photographs of some of my new work, so this will be the first of 3 new pieces I will post in the next couple of weeks. This piece is 18" x 19" and is composed of tyvec, lutradur, watercolor paper, dyed canvas and dyed cheesecloth, with a layer of crocheted hemp assembled on hardware cloth with brass wire.

The original print is a photo taken in Yosemite National Park. This photo is a reflection of El Capitan mirrored in the Merced River. Prints on tyvec, lutradur and watercolor paper are layered with crocheted hemp, dyed canvas and dyed cheesecloth. The lutradur surface is printed over a coating of inkAID white matte precoat. I heat distressed the print on lutradur, which is the top layer.

When the first of the layers were assembled, I created a print on both sides of tyvec without using any precoat so that the print would be a lighter color on the back side. This print is cut into small squares and using brass wire I attached hemp and the squares to the top of the surface that had already been completed. A detail is included.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bark 11, 27" x 15"

One of 3 new pieces in the works. This one is composed of 3 separate layers of lutradur that is coated with a light layer of inkAID's white matte precoat. Each layer was heat distressed to leave holes and worn away spots in the printed lutradur. The 3 layes of distressed lutradur shows a fragile surface giving the appearance and texture of bark. The original picture Bark 11 (before being digitally manipulated) is a detail section from a Kauri tree in the Waipoua Forest of Northern New Zealand. This is truly one of my favorite places on our planet:)

After the top 3 layers, I tied 5" pieces of twigs into heavy weight jute cord and wrapped that on top of the same Kauri print on metallic crinkle paper. All these layers were wrapped with 24 gauge copper wire and then wired to hardware cloth.

This piece will show for the first time at La Jolla Fiber Arts in La Jolla California. The show will open on July 28, 2008 with an opening reception on Friday night August 1st.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing with Inspire Me Thursday

Okay so it isn't quite Thursday, I am a few days late. I have been working on a show of my work for La Jolla Fiber Arts that will open at the end of July. I will start posting some of the work later this week. Until then........

I was visiting INSPIRE ME THURSDAY - the theme from the 12th is "Find the Art in the Everyday". Well everyday I admire a huge cactus in the front of my studio. This year it is endowed with an abundance of flowers and looks outstanding. Taking a pic of a small part of the cactus I create a pattern from a selection of the picture. I then fill a page with the pattern so I could print it for my art journal, (when I print an image to a journal page, I take the opacity down so that the image can be covered with writing). If you are interested, some of my pages are on my

Here I posted the pic, the pattern and a 16" page full of the pattern.

Check back in a day or two and see some of my new work for the La Jolla show.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Forest Surfaces 8

Finished this new forest surfaces piece yesterday. It is the beginning of the work that I will have in a show at La Jolla Fiber Arts opening on July 28, 2008. Lots to do between now and then.

Forest Surfaces 8 is 20” x 24” and has been assembled on hardware cloth with floral wire. The layers consist of:

*A digital print on tyvec that has been heat distressed. The tyvec is printed on both sides.
*A digital print on lutradur
*Jute twine knotted with twigs
*Aluminum screen
*Colored hemp that is crocheted
*A digital print on both sides of Fabriano Artistico hot pressed watercolor paper 140 LB

Forest Surfaces 7 is lying on my table in pieces, this is the redo from a piece called Yosemite Falls finished at the end of last year. Stay tuned for how that turns out, hopefully this afternoon, I will decide on the final configuration, but then again, maybe not☺