Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amate Bark Paper Printing

Working on my artist project grant has opened so many creative doors for me. Thinking about all sorts of "what ifs" keeps me imagining what can be developed. Of course images run through my head, bits and pieces that are unidentifiable at this point. Everything will surface in it’s own time. Working on patience is a trick along with focusing. So here is the start of a study of amate bark paper.

This is a cursory look at how the bark is printed. You can download the free pdf explainging the process from

Amate bark paper is coated with inkAID semi-gloss precoat, then dried overnight. (This paper was made by someone that lives here in the Prescott area, she has agreed to teach me to make this gorgeous paper from fibers of amate bark)

The pieces of paper, once dry, are pressed from the back side with an iron and set under a huge heavy art book for several hours.

The image is created and sized in photoshop.

The carrier sheet is put together from a couple of pieces of Airiel Paper 17” wide.

Amate bark paper is attached to the carrier sheet with pieces of double faced scotch tape. This tape says it is permanent, but I can remove the bark paper from the carrier sheet immediately after printing……very carefully☺

Carrier sheet with bark paper attached is printed using my Epson 4800.

Once the bark paper is carefully removed from the carrier sheet, it dries over night and is coated with Krylon matte spray.

Don't forget!!
My website has a free pdf that explains the process for my printing this bark paper. The title is "Free PDF, Printing Amate Bark Paper" If you follow this link it will take you right to the page in the tutorial collection. The download is free and depicts the complete process.

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  1. Congrats on your grant! I love this Amante paper possibility!
    Linda Laitner has been telling me about you.
    Hope to meet you someday and hope to take a class with you too.


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