Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's all About the Surface

Last Thursday I arrived in Kansas City to participate in the Surface Design Association Conference.  

First working as an assistant in a workshop, "Photoshop for the Textile Industry", instructed by Heather and Hitoshi Ujiie.  They are great and I love being in the classroom.  Next I will be giving some demonstrations once the actual conference starts "Creating and Printing Uncommon Surfaces."  Since there will be 2 demos, the second one will be recorded for the conference dvd.  After that I will be teaching a 4 day workshop, "Expanding the Digital Prints to Uncommon Surfaces"  and one night during the workshop, I will be giving a lecture.

I am very excited to be at the conference, see some old friends, make new ones and teach on a subject that I am truly passionate about.  My work is about the surfaces.  Inspiration sores in me as I create each print.  Teaching others to experiment with surfaces brightens my world.

Depicted here is a print that will be included in my next addition to the Book of Forests series.  This print is on crinkly paper.  Before printing leaves were added to the surface, then the paper was precoated with inkAID.  The top print is the actual print and the 2 following are details.  As the book develops, I will include more pictures in the blog.  Right now the pieces are laying all over my hotel room an various stages of completion.

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  1. The forest print is so beautiful, Kathyanne!

    It sounds like you are being filled to the brim at the Surface Design Association Conference.

    I read on Hitoshi's website that he established The Center for Excellence of Digital Inkjet Printing of Textiles at Philadelphia University, in 2000, while Heather Ujiie creates large-scale fabric designs that are digitally printed on a series of hanging scrolls. She mixes realism and abstraction--a favorite combination of mine. The ones I saw online were amazing!

    What a great connection for you~I am sure they have responded in kind to your passion for digital printing!

  2. Yes, I am loving life here. Heather and Hitoshi are great people. Heather is teaching about making repeat patterns for the textile market and how to design etc. Of course she is incredibly good. Hitoshi, well he has knowledge of printing that is pretty amazing. It is a pleasure to work with them both.

    Tonight I have to get back to my work instead of designing, Time to finalize my workshop. Lots of printing to be organized and only 4 days to do it in. We will be doing over 160 prints in the 4 days. Lots of surfaces to created. That fun starts Monday, I can't believe it's June already:)

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