Friday, July 10, 2009

Recycled Beverage Can Installation

A new glimpse of my beverage can installation. It is now 6" wide and 10' long. I am in the process of adding another section of the same size. As it goes further it will be hung in the corner of my studio as I build it. So far it has over 100 cans in the configuration with 100 more being added. Then it's back to printing surfaces with 100 cans already prepared to print. This piece will be the first layer of my installation and other configurations will be printed and added until the installation is complete.


  1. Very cool!

    Do you have a planned site for your installation? I can imagine making an entire enclosure out of this, where one can finally get inside the pop can as opposed to always draining it from the outside.

  2. You are so on board with my idea- I want to have layers of can configurations that you can walk through and see the reflections and shapes from all sides. Maybe even brush against as in a forest.

    There is a site actually several sites for my installation, I don't know where they are yet, but when it's ready the perfect places will appear:)

  3. I love this! I like the old, broken, fragile feeling. (well, that is what I get from it...)


  4. Eva,

    Great comment! It's funny that the materials are metal, but once printed and assembled the cans have a very different feel.

    ...and since they represent a forest surfaces, when you are in a forest, you can feel the fragility of your surroundings. Pieces of the forest are constantly breaking.


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