Friday, August 7, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday-Positivity

"Hold the Vision-Trust the Process" 15" x 16"
Hand dyed canvas, pens, markers and crayons


"No Worries" 22" x 18"
Hand dyed canvas, pens, markers and crayons

Main quote is from Abraham-Hicks daily quotes
"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want"


Posting on this week's topic "Positivity" from Inspire Me Thursday. Getting out in front of my day with positive ideas and feelings are what it's all about.

These large style journal pages stand on their own. Their place in my life is to assist me to surrender and have some fun and joy in the scheme of things. Creating this art is fun and spontaneous and the process makes me feel good!

I just started doing these when I was at my daughter's house last month helping with her new baby. I was limited to odd and ends I had packed for the 3 weeks. Of course how could I go anywhere with out some art supplies, so I had my pens and my paper journals and a few pieces of textiles. Luckily pieces of dyed canvas had been include.

Using positive ideas, words and quotes each piece flows one color at a time. These will be embellished in the future, but right now I am having fun just playing with the materials.


  1. Ooooh how wonderfulyour pages are! I really must get back to doing the occasional page is so therapeiutic!I love the quote about worrying. It is SO true. Enjoy your new little grandchild. They are such fun aren't they?

  2. Thanks for your comments. Creating these oversize pages is really is a great way to feel good. Just set a page out and do it little bits at a time:)

    So glad you came to visit! Enjoy!

  3. I agree, that's a great quote. It really puts worrying in perspective!

    The journal pages look amazing . . . and the portability factor is always important. As you said, it is unthinkable to go anywhere without bringing some art supplies.

    I have been thinking lately about a mini studio in a suitcase (with wheels and a telescoping handle). I want something I can pop on a plane or take in a car, knowing it will allow me to create while on the move and away from home.

  4. How many times have I wanted to have something I could just grab to take some supplies with me, Carol.
    I usually keep adding until it becomes so unwieldy it is impossible to carry:) What can possibly be left behind?

    These are kind of fun because you don't even have the weight of what my journals become, but they are big and take awhile to complete. They travel better. I am going to try some freestyle embroidery on one later today....


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