Monday, January 4, 2010

Teesha and Tracy Moore's Winter Play Retreat

From January 28th through Feb 1st, 2010, Teesha and Tracy Moore will host their annual Winter Play Retreat at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend Washington.  This year I will be spending some exciting creative time with them.

During winter play, there will be demos and workshops that are optional.  Tracy and Teesha are masters at their craft and truly inspirational.  Teesha will be demonstrating journaling with paint, collage, copic airbrush, pens etc. Tracy will work with polymer clay to make ancient, relic looking journals, boxes, jewelry, etc.  He will include methods of binding the journals we make with clay.  Tiphoni will be teaching a short version of her watercolor self portraits workshop.  View the recent Play Retreat video on youtube.

Looking forward to this experience for the fun of it.  Having fun is a wonderful way to expand your creativity.  When you take the opportunity to play, you let go.  Everyday, I work on my art in both the commercial side and the awesome, pure, art creating side.  In my digital work, I have been printing and testing surfaces that are new and some that I have worked with before and want to push further.  As I explore at Winter Play, my intention is to put some of the pieces together in my mind that I have been mulling over and then see where that leads.  Whenever I separate myself from my studio and start to work almost around the clock in another place, magic happens.  Sleep less, create more and flow.

If I start to gather my supplies now, I should remember everything.  Here is what I am bringing so far.


  1. I so wish I could come "PLAY" with ya'll...... what is that little Epson machine?
    missy from the bayou

  2. It's an Epson pm 260 Dash- great for traveling:) I print all sorts of fabric on it:)


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