Friday, September 17, 2010

Assembling Digital Prints on Recycled Printers Plates

The prints from last post have been altered. The back of the prints are painted with copper and black.  After painting the panels are cut in random leaf like shapes, hole punched and threaded through black 28 gauge wire.  The wire is crocheted with the pieces separated in the crochet stitches.  I crocheted a 2 foot by 4 foot piece of black and brown hemp and am layering that on top of a piece of hardware cloth.  The print pieces are going to be attached to the surface of hemp crochet along with a base of hardware cloth.

Before the pieces are attached I will frame the hardware cloth layer to give it stability.  I still don't know exactly how I will do this, but a trip to Home Depot tomorrow should help.  The section of hardware cloth must be able to stand alone and needs to be stabilized to accomplish this. When finished this piece will be one of several pages in a book that will have a cover 2 feet wide and 4 feet tall.  The giant size book is a study of pieces to come, so right now I will be solving some construction issues.  The actual covers for the book are plywood and the digital print assemblages to cover the wood are complete, but not attached.  As pieces are finished they will be posted here.

 Crochet hemp over hardware cloth
Digital prints on recycled printers plates, cut in random shapes
Detail of cut prints
Cut prints crocheted with wire on crocheted hemp and hardware cloth.


  1. Very intruiguing! I've been "collecting" my own digital prints on aluminum cans, etc. and have been thinking what to do with them...your latest project gives me much to think about! Thank you!!

  2. When you decide what to do with yours, put them on the flickr group. I have to put some of these up too. I get so involved in work I forget.

    I'd love to see where you take your can prints assembled. I have seen cans you have printed and really liked them.

  3. Thanks! I took some of these printed cans into the Saturday morning "salon" (drawing class) I've been attending for years...and got some great feedback from these artists. I think I inspired a couple to give it a try. Even still, I'm still pondering what to do with them..and I will post whatever I come up with on flickr. I have some ideas so perhaps soon!!!


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