Friday, October 15, 2010

New Ebook on Printing Beverage Cans Available Soon!

By the end of this month, my new ebook will be available from the KathyAnne Art Site.
This ebook will describe everything you wanted to know about creating a successful print on a recycled beverage can.  As an added benefit, you will be able to use the techniques for preparing and printing other light weight metal surfaces.  From trial and error for over a year and after preparing printing over 2000 beverage cans my process has evolved to it's current state and will assist anyone at any level to be able to successfully print their own cans.   Whether you are doing this for fun or to create interesting artwork, beverage cans are an incredible surface for digital printing.

From cans to assemblage, this ebook will have it all!

The Complete Guide to Printing then Assembling Recycled Beverage Cans

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  1. What fun! I know I'll have to look into this book!! Maybe I'll come up with something for all my "altered" cans!!!


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