Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bordering the Ridiculous

In the process of finishing the last 2 pages in my first Forest Book in a series.  There will be 10  total- 2 feet by 4 feet pages.  Once these last 2 are complete, the book pages will be attached to the metal spine.  This would be really exciting except that it will still take quite awhile.  The labor for this page is pretty time intensive. The hardware cloth in the frame for these last 2 pages has to be worked side to side in stages so as not to ruin the assemblage being constructed on the opposite side. As the pages are worked on, the work is juggled side to side for the correct time to put pieces together.

The part being constructed below needs one 8" piece of jute twine in each 1/4" square of the grid that is open.  The twine is pulled through, doubled over and tied close to the grid. The composition in the center is also being built up with layers of melted and torn lutradur that will attach to the top of the cheesecloth skin digital print.  Before the lutradur goes together the jute has to be completely attached to the grid.  It took 2 hours to do the small section in the left bottom corner that is finished.  I'll be here awhile:)

The crochet grid pattern you see in the background of the frame is the back side of this page.  The crochet grid will be the bottom layer of an assemblage using digitally printed tyvek, metal grid and waxed linen.  Some other elements are also being considered.


  1. My goodness...this project is becoming more and more complex! Wonderful!!! I've been enjoying reading about this as it moves forward... a great work getting better each time!

  2. Hey thanks, Dave, wait till you see what's on the other side of this page:). I can't wait to see what the whole piece looks like -all pages attached. This weekend means hours pullig through and tying jute twine:)


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