Thursday, August 25, 2011


In researching items to write about in my news, I remembered a link I received in an email.  The link was from the iPhone Diva blog and she is about iPhoneography.  From there I got into other links and discovered a whole lot about using my iPhone for photographing  and a wide selection of apps that will alter photographs in various ways.  With a little research I found another site based on iPhoneography called iphoneography central.  Now I want to warn any of you iPhone people, searching apps is a dangerous thing, for .99 or 1.99 up to 4.99 you can easily buy apps with one click.  In my foray this afternoon I ended up with an assortment of 9 new apps and a list of many more.  Since I travel it thrills me to use my iPhone and iPad to alter photographs in interesting ways without having to use Photoshop and my laptop.
From my iPhone in front of my studio no apps used 
 these 2 are from ProHDR
Auto Painting
I know nothing about these apps yet, but just ran the pic a couple of ways.

Here is a list of the apps that some of these photographers are using.  This is a small list, but thought it would help any of you find some new ideas for photo manipulation on your iPhones.  These apps may be available for other devices or other devices may have similar apps.  I am always looking for a way to experiment and to get images for my alternative surfaces.  I just don't always know what apps I should use and have never done more then grandkids, kids and pets photos or videos on my phone.  Oh and I shot my sunglass picture on the sidebar of the blog with my iPhone at a wedding my husband and I enjoyed this spring.  I just cropped him out:)

Some of these are available for iPads and iPhones you can search them on the web or on your devices in the app category to see exactly what each of these does:

Auto Stitch
Classic Pan
Auto Painter
Iris Photo Suite
Slow Shutter Cam
PhotoForge 2
Dynamic Light
PhotoArtista Oil, Haiku and Sketch
Pic Grunge
Perfectly Clear

This is a small list, check them out and see what may work for you.

Now a couple pics updating my last blog post on Journal Quilts that are still in process, but getting closer.

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