Monday, July 23, 2012

Making Videos on Your iPhone

Making videos on my iPhone seems like a great idea.  I know when I want to capture a certain image as I am out and about, my iPhone is usually there and I can take the shot.  There are many apps for photography on your iPhone and Adobe even has a Photoshop Touch app now that is truly excellent to manipulate photos right on your iPhone or iPad.  Last month on my KathyAnne Art site I posted a workshop on Blending Images using the Photoshop Touch app for the iPad.

So I ask myself why not videos on my iPhone?  In my classroom in Texas in February I tried an experiment had some of the students shoot video from my iPhone, so I could edit them and post them for the classes private viewing.  This enabled me to be able to leave the participants with more information then would have been available in class handouts.  In another classroom situation the videos did not turn out as well, but it taught me a lot about how to go about it.

Recently I met Jules over the internet on a webinar about his program iPhone Video Hero.  If you click the link in the last sentence it will take you to his site.  It is a bit of a sales pitch, but I have taken his course and it has some really great content.  Plus Jules is accessible and answers email promptly.  If you are interested you should check it out on the CLICK HERE link above.

Here is a short clip of cutting beverage cans from my upcoming book on digital printing alternative surfaces and a video workshop series I am working on.  It's a practice set up from my iPhone 4s.

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