Saturday, March 30, 2013

What's Coming Up!

My new sites are currently under construction. Please remember when I don't post here that I have an entire new thing going on at my Digital Alternative Surfaces sites. My plan is to build up videos and all sorts of workshops that you can take online. There will be a new store for supplies where I will have printing plates, fabrics and all sorts of goodies that I come up with from time to time.

Starting in June 2013 my studio will be open for groups or individuals to come for workshops. Students will learn both Photoshop techniques and be able to print on my art printers, so they will be completely trained on all the phases of digital printing. My new Smart TV makes it possible to enrich students with visuals to enhance their learning. More about this soon.

Any of you in the St. Louis area will be able to take my Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces workshop this August 10-12, 2013 at Craft Alliance.  This will be a basic three day workshop for you to learn how to print alternative surfaces. More details on enrolling for the workshop will be available when the Craft Alliance brochure comes out in April.

For 2014 my workshop schedule will take me back to New York to Hudson River Valley Workshops in April of  2014. April 28 to May 2, 2014. This time we will go forward in a workshop that is entitled "Digital Printing Alternative Surface Unleashed". We will get totally creative with digital printing.

This is the part I love. Now that my book will be finished in the next couple of months my workshops will be going to the next level. What we do with the prints, getting students up to speed on how to use their printers, getting their digital prints on alternative surfaces integrated in the art they want to create. It's going to be a wonderful 5 days. Before the workshop I will consult with each student so they can bring supplies tailored to their process and where they want to go in digital printing. Very exciting!!!!

Don't forget I will be at the SDA Conference in San Antonio and the workshop "Digital Alternative —From Flat to Dimensional" will be the first of it's kind for me and will push the digital printed surface in new directions. In this five day workshop each student will be encourage to gain competence in digital printing on alternative surfaces. Along with taking their work to a new level in printing and assembling.

Looks like my writing for my book "Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces: the definitive source" will be finished this week. Then we have to get it ready for the first test print so my team and I can actually see the book in our hands. Five of us are going to read and edit for changes or corrections that need to be addressed. When that is done we will publish. Won't I love that!!!!

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