Thursday, August 16, 2007

Textured and Printed Papers Art Book

These pictures are of a textural book. On the top set of pages, burlap has been beaded and sewn to an assembly of papers and digital images. The page on the top right is printed from a digital image in the New Zealand collection on my website. It is printed on rice paper coated with inkAID. The print is created from a photograph of a Kauri tree in the Waipoui Forest on the North Island of New Zealand. The textures are inspired by this magical place.

In creating this book, each page has at least 5 pages sewn together, sort of like a quilt. The make up of the papers for the pages include; hand-dyed watercolor paper, printed tissue paper, rice paper and Strathmore Ridge. The many textural pages can be seen in the edges around the images.


  1. Wow! These are so tactile, intriguing, inspirational..thanks for sharing.

  2. oh my gosh these are gorgeous!


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