Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just received a great surface to print. It is a peel and stick fabric from The Electric Quilt Company. The print is bright and the fabric has a nice feel to it.

Playing with printing this cool fabric, I used part of a digital image created from a picture of El Capitan in Yosemite. (The next post will show that piece in progress)

Using a matte paper print setting on my Epson the fabric was printed and then allowed to dry. Half the print was then rinsed with water to test the immediate color fast and none of the ink washed off.

Here's the fun part of this fabric. Since this is peel and stick, I cut the image up into random pieces, stuck it to an old blue jean jacket and there it stays. To finish it off I will stitch around the fabric. Not sure yet if it will be a hand stitching or done by machine. Once it is finished I will test it again to see how it washes.

As with any surface that you use for clothing, it is best to take care with washing and follow the manufacturers instructions. Durability will depend on the inks from your printer. Check with the printer manufacturer to see how fabric should be handled.

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