Sunday, September 2, 2007

New Work

This is the start of a new piece that will be added to my Forest Trail Series.

This is a digitally manipulated print on Tyvec. The print is one from a photograph I took in Yosemite National Park of El Capitan.

The top layer is the print on Tyvec, Under that layer is another of the same print on Arial paper that has been coated with gel media with sand, that is then covered with a layer of white matte precoat from inkAID.

Under the 2 digital layers are various materials including: painted cheesecloth, overdyed recycled quilts, canvas that has been pieced and dyed, dyed burlap, clear vinyl tinted in yellow and blue, fleece fabric, woven textiles and I think that about covers it.

All these elements are attached to metal screen with large hand stitching that includes 6 strands of embroidery thread. The completed size of this artwork will be somewhere around 70" x 46". Still working on the piece so I am not quite sure of the size.

The center of the piece has been blocked in with all the layers, the rest is still the original prints stacked. Much to finish:)

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