Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Work Finished

Forest Trail 7 is now complete. 73" x 46"

FT7 is composed of:
Digitally manipulated photograph on tyvec- digital manipulated photograph on Arial paper with a coating of inkAid matte white precoat- Other materials- my hand dyed burlap, canvas, and cheesecloth- painted cheesecloth-textured woven fabric- my overdyed recycled artquilts, colored vinyl, fiberglass screen, metal screen and embroidery thread.

This week finds me working on a couple of art journals for a demo that I will be doing at the Mountain Artist Guild in Prescott. During the demo, I will be exploring the possiblities in creating hand made books and journals. Digital images are used in creating interesting pages in the subject journals. My website www.kathyanneart.com will carry a CD containing the images of a book that is under construction. I will be posting the pictures of my finished sample later this week. Check back!

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  1. I think this is marvelous. I'll bet its even better in person.


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