Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yosemite Reflections Journal

Testing and printing new fabrics and papers is challenging and thought provoking. Preparing the papers and fabrics and then observing and creating results is exciting.

Working on an art book “Yosemite Reflections Journal” is about my artist residency in Yosemite National Park. One of the great parts of this residency is there are 2 weeks left to complete. This means that I look forward to 2 weeks in the Park to further explore this amazing place.

In contemplating the time already spent, surfaces for my work become increasingly important. My mixed media work has used both my actual photographs that I alter and fabrics and other surfaces. These surfaces speak to my contemplations of the spirit of the forest and amazing wonders of Yosemite.

In the pictures that follow, that are posted here and in the next post, I have written about the various surfaces printed for this artwork. The pages are being assembled into a journal, but are far from finished. This journal will be a finished piece, so there are many elements to add to the pages to create textures and shapes. When complete I will photograph it and publish it here. It will take several weeks for this to happen☺

Very carefully, inkAId semi-gloss precoat was coated on the tops of the lace papers and the Thai Creped Paper. (These papers including the vellum, were all purchased from Creative Papers Online.

When coating actual paper, especially lace papers, they become soft and can easily be torn, so caution and a light touch is advised. The Thai Creped Mulberry makes an absolutely beautiful surface when printed. I have created several bark prints and the texture and surface is rich and textural when the print is on this wonderful paper.

I will be doing a demo at the Mountain Artist Guild meeting in downtown Prescott on September 28th, so if you are in Prescott that night you could contact me for information. In the next couple of weeks I will show you and tell you how I put a fragile surface like a lace paper through the printer without destroying the paper.

Please always feel free to contact me on anything that I write on this blog.

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