Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Journal

This is a small piece of a couple pages in my own loose leaf journal and the cover. I have collaged many of the pages before writing, or while writing.

The loose leaf journal, above, is one of my favorites. I keep about 5 journals going at the same time. The first, my studio journal is about my processes and what is going on in my studio and art life. In this journal I put pictures of all that I create. I call this type of journal a garbage journal since I make the pages from all sorts of random paper or samples in my studio.

Second I have a lined composition book type journal. In this I write all my ideas, work through first drafts of articles, personal writing etc. No one ever sees this journal but me.

Then I have my loose leaf journal (picture above) that I take on travels and around. I don't have to worry about order of anything because I keep switching papers around and pick the sheet with the color or collage that I want to write on at that tine.

Also there is a larger journal that has large pages around 10" x 9". This journal takes a long time to get to the writing stage and since this one is new, I have been working on collage for a couple of months, there isn't much writing in it yet. The tone of the journal is still taking shape and I am totally having fun with the artwork.

An affirmation journal is kept in one of the small 3" x 4" signature journals that I make. In that I write dream goals and affirmation, it is small so I can easily carry it and read it.

So don't think I am driven enough to write in each everyday, but they all have their purpose and time and place.

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