Monday, December 3, 2007

Yosemite Falls

During my Thanksgiving trip and beyond, the days got away from me. I’ve been working and finishing a piece of Yosemite Falls that appears here. You can see the original print and then the finished piece with all the layers assembled on screen, plus a detail. This is what I guess could be called a tessalation piece. I think of it as a pattern of Yosemite Falls. The photograph is manipulated and then printed on several surfaces for assembling.

Layers of the print are:

1. Epson Water Resistant Artist Canvas
2. Tyvec
3. Organdy
4. Organdy
5. Lutradur heat distressed

followed by non printed layers of

6. painted or dyed cheesecloth
7. overdyed recycled art work ( these are pieces of my older work I cut up an dye), dyed burlap or canvas

Yosemite Falls is wondrous and one of the delights of Yosemite National Park that are dear to my heart. Next I will be working on a different type of digital presentation of Yosemite Falls from a large print on dyed canvas. Still working out the details, so it will be awhile. As I start the piece I will put some pictures up on the planning stage.

There are several other projects to finish before my next Yosemite Falls piece. Check later this week and I will tell you about what this month will be focused on as well as Christmas with my family here in Prescott.


  1. FYI, you might be interested in the Prescott blogger get-together Sunday, Dec. 16 at 2 p.m. at the Raven Cafe over on Cortez St. Hope you can make it.


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