Sunday, July 27, 2008

The artists’ nook workshop dates

I am extremely excited to be teaching at the artists’ nook in Fort Collins Colorado this October.

October 17, 2008

Beginning Digital Printing on Fabric and Specialty Papers

This workshop will give the participants the knowledge to digitally print images on fabric and other specialty paper surfaces. Participants will see how to coat and prepare papers and surfaces such as lutradur, lace paper and other uncommon surfaces in order to get a good quality print for mixed media journals and art.

Learn to use a variety of surfaces in the digital print process from an ink jet printer. Using an art journal format, we will create small compositions from an assortment of surfaces that have been previously printed.

We will also create from some small prints printed during the workshop. This is an informative class and will give the participant all the information needed to begin using a digital process in artwork.

October 18, 2008

Digital Mixed Media Art Journal

There are infinite possibilities when using digital media to create mixed media art and journals.
This workshop will explore a multitude of ideas for using and creating digital prints, patterns and textures for use in journals.

Participants will experiment with their images to create pages and elements that can be printed from any ink jet printer. We will explore the creation of art journals from textural covers to individually inspired content.

Create your own signature journal from the multitude of innovative ideas demonstrated and discussed.

October 19

The Textured Surface

Texture is a scrumptious element to add to journals and mixed media art journals. This workshop is designed to produce extremely interesting textural surfaces by using all sorts of materials.

Examine surface design ideas and develop unique surfaces of your own. There is no end to the way materials can be manipulated to create interest and texture in the surface of your artwork. We will use fabric, digital prints on various surfaces (be sure to bring photographs and prints that you don't mind altering) and an assortment of items.

Discover the techniques that work the best for you and take the time to create your own signature

Go to the artists' nook webstie for information and registration!

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  1. Hello Kathy just caught up with your blog, I love Forest Surfaces 9, congratulations on the article in The Surface Design Journal and the workshops at Artists' Nook,
    best thoughts Frances


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