Sunday, August 10, 2008

La Jolla FiberArts exhibits Forest Surfaces

Catching up

A few weeks ago I shipped over 16 pieces to La Jolla FiberArts in La Jolla California. My show opened on July 28th with an opening reception on Friday night the first of August. The 3 days before I left for La Jolla I taught a 3 day workshop on digital printing on uncommon surfaces. Busy week and I am just getting myself to the bottom of the list that accumulated when I was out of my studio. At the same time, I have been scheduling several workshops and will be putting a list of these on my blog in the next week or so.

A big thanks to Lynn, Dan and Susie, from La Jolla FiberArts for the brilliant and wonderful job they did in hanging my show and putting on a beautiful spread for my opening reception. This work is a challenge to hang. I spent a great weekend at the gallery and appreciate all the work that went into the weekend to open my Forest Surfaces with success!

Contact Lynn or Susie at La Jolla FiberArts for information and sales.


  1. congratulations Kathy it all looks wonderful, beautiful work,

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