Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This months (and next) Cloth Paper Scissors arrived in my mailbox today. Although I knew it would be there, I was excited to see my “Branching out with Digital Prints” among the articles. The staff does such a great job with CPS magazine in publishing interesting articles, inviting visuals and some great “how to” information. I love looking through their pages every time it gets delivered. It is always a pleasure working with their editors. Be sure to pick up the September/October issue:)

Currently I am focused on writing some “how to” information in the form of ebooks. The ones in the works are about using Photoshop Elements to create interesting images for art journals and mixed media art.

Next year during Art & Soul Retreats in Hampton Virginia I will be teaching 2 workshops in Photoshop Elements. On April 30, 2009 the workshop will be “Photoshop Elements 101” and on May 1, my workshop will be “Creative Digital Scrapbook pages with Photoshop Elements”.

Although most of my work is created with Photoshop CS3, I love working on Photoshop Elements. The program is easy to use and although it doesn’t have some of my favorite features from the regular Photoshop program, it is user friendly. The learning curve for Photoshop Elements is less steep then CS3 and the price is reasonable.

The registration information on the Hampton Virginia Art and Soul Retreats will be on their website in mid September. I will put the link up when the site is ready.

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